Our 14th Annual Bull Sale will be held Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at our headquarters near Estancia, NM. The 2010 sale will feature both new sire groups, which we are very pleased with, as well as sire groups that have been featured in many past sales that continue to work in our program.

Two prominent new sires you will see in our 2010 sale are OCC Missing Link 830M and OCC Paxton 730P. Missing Link is an OCC Emblazon grandson and is bred for outstanding forage conversion and fleshing ability. Paxton has no “6807” within four generations of his pedigree and therefore may be used as an outcross on Emblazon, Echelon, or Legend bred daughters. We are extremely pleased with both the Missing Link and Paxton calves which are big bodied and stout.

We continue to be your most reliable source for angus heifer bulls. The sale will include OCC Homer 650H, OCC Legend 616L and Basin Rainmaker 747L sons. All three are breed leaders for calving ease. Also, we will feature our first Manzano Rainmaker T07 sons. “707” sold in our 2008 sale to David and Tammy Ogilvee of the U Bar Ranch, Gila, NM. “707” bred 35 heifers as a yearling and no calves were pulled. We are very excited about 707’s potential as a calving ease sire with growth, carcass, and fleshing ability. 

Once again we will have several sons out of our herd sire, Manzano M048 R101. “5101” becomes more impressive every year. He is extremely easy keeping and powerful. He is also very sound and has handled the rocks at Yeso with ease. His EPD package is very unique and we feel is very well suited to southwestern beef production. He is in the lowest 10% of the breed for birth weight, mature size, and mature weight while being average for weaning weight and in the top 25% for both marbling and rib eye. If you are looking for a bull to moderate your females without sacrificing weaning weight consider a 5101 son.

We are very excited about our 2010 sale and hope to have more bulls than ever before. Hope to see you there!