Our 15th annual bull sale is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22, 2011. The bulls represent our continued effort to provide profit-driven cattle. While not everyone has the same idea about what it takes to make a profit, we know that breeding for MAXIMUM growth and milk will not work in our herd and we do not believe it will work in our neighbors’ herds either. If making a profit was as simple as MAXIMIZING milk and growth, British breeds would have been replaced by bigger, faster-growing continental cattle a long time ago. We vow to never breed for MAXIMUM! We simply don’t believe it is profitable – for us or our customers.

Optimal is definitely harder to pin down and varies from region to region and even from ranch to ranch. We are certain that optimal starts with an efficient, fertile cow. Behind every Manzano Angus bull is a cow that got bred on minimal supplementation. Our cows aren’t all exactly the same size or body type and they don’t all give the same amount of milk, however they have all found a way to get bred with relatively little support. We believe the first step in creating an optimal animal is making a cow that can live in your environment without breaking the bank eating supplemental feeds.

Many of the sires represented in our 2010 sale, including OCC Paxton 730P and OCC Missing Link 830M will once again be featured in 2011. We are excited about this set of bulls and hope to see you at our 2011 sale!