Manzano 1172 5655

Reg: AAA #18293579

5655’s EPD package is exactly what we want to produce. Unmatched calving ease (both Direct and Maternal), strong growth, moderate milk, low mature weight with a shot of extra marbling. On 55 calves he has a 95 birth ratio and a 102 weaning ratio.

However, what makes him unique is combining his EPDs with his phenotype. He his very thick and big ribbed and extremely easy keeping. He has great feet and is really correct. He is a very strong breeder and also has a good, easy to handle, disposition.

To top it off he has cow power to boot. Every Manzano cow in the first four generations of his pedigree has either been flushed or has had an impact on our program!

Manzano Transformation 4557

Reg: AAA #17914868

4557 was a standout in the 2014 born calves with an adjusted weaning weight of 740 (ratio 120) and an adjusted yearling weight of 1200 (ratio 118) in a frame score 4.0 package.

He is huge ribbed, very easy fleshing and will moderate frame size without sacrificing pounds. 4557 is very easy going and is definitely a disposition improver. His mother, “0006”, is one of our favorite Paxton cows. She is very big bodied and thick enough but still flat necked, feminine and well balanced.

Manzano Paxton 1172 ET

Reg: AAA +17056383
PAP score of 34 at 6200 ft. as a 3 year old

1172 is unmatched combining calving-ease, growth and strong carcass in a moderate, easy fleshing package.  Phenotypically, he is very smooth-made and deep bodied.  His calves come easy and are good looking with quick early growth. His dam (5111) is a beautiful Homer daughter. She is very well balanced and deep bodied. On 6 calves she posted 97-BWR, 103-WWR, 102-YWR, 106-IMFR with a 364 day calving interval. 1172’s daughters are moderate, easy fleshing and have perfect udders. We will continue to use 1172 heavily in our herd.

Manzano Paxton 0176

Reg: AAA 16761089

0176 is a extremely powerful, moderate sized OCC Paxton son out of a beautiful Legend x EXT cow. 0176’s dam, 564, is an ideal cow. She is feminine and broody, has great teat and udder structure and she typically weighs around 1200 lbs at weaning. She also is very short gestation. 0176’s offspring are muscular, big bodied and sound and combine moderate birth with strong growth to weaning. Visually, 0176 calves are as good as anything we have to offer! Pictured in his working clothes after breeding 50 cows.

O C C Zebulon 619Z

Reg: AAA 17475280

Zebulon is a slightly bigger frame Jet Stream son out of the prolific “872K” donor. He is big topped and thick with really, really good feet. His daughters are feminine and beautiful profiling and have absolutely beautiful teat and udders. He is a great compliment to Paxton bred cattle.

Manzano Homer 4544

Reg: AAA 17914860

4544 is a thick, easy fleshing, calving ease bull out of our favorite 0176 daughter. His calves have lots of performance, thickness and look.

“612” O C C X-panse 612X

Reg: 16877198

612X is a very low birth son of OCC Echelon 857E and a full brother to Tim Ohlde’s Donor OCC Blackcap 804M.  He is very deep bodied and well balanced.  His calving ease has been exceptional on first-calf heifers and the calves have strong growth to weaning.

“5101” Manzano M048 R101

Reg: 15166478

If you’ve been looking for an Angus bull that will moderate size and add fleshing ability to your cows while maintaining exceptional carcass traits in your calves, 5101 is the bull for the job.  5101’s combination of rapid early growth with exceptional carcass traits in a very moderate, easy fleshing package is very unique in the Angus breed today.  Perfect for grass fed operations looking for cattle that will marble earlier.  Offspring also have very mellow disposition.  Now Deceased

“707” Manzano Rainmaker T07

Reg: 15848134

Sold to U Bar Ranch, Gila NM

707 is one of the more exciting heifer bulls we have raised to date. Not only does he have “sleep all night” calving ease numbers (in the top 1% for calving ease direct and birth weight) but he has the phenotype we strive for at Manzano Angus. He is big ribbed, has good scrotal development, and is muscular. He has a stout appearance not common in calving ease bulls.

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